Friends of Nicky’s Fish Bar and Restaurant

In the day to day of our lives, we always meet other people who make our life easier and better so we have added them here if you care to look them up, we find they do a good job!

Sunshine Dry Cleaners & Commercial Laundry Services
Sunshine Dry Cleaners and Laundry Services are a family owned business offering quality cleaning and a friendly service at competitive prices. Whatever your cleaning requirements, give them a call and I’m sure you’ll find a quality service at an inexpensive price.

Kedleston Fish Bar
Not only does Nicky’s Fish Bar and Restaurant offer a fantastic service to the diners of Derby but his son at Kedleston Fish Bar keeps the people of Kedleston Road and its surrounding areas happy also. With years of experience earned from a childhood in Fish and Chip shop restaurants, this husband and wife team try to show dad who knows what and we’re happy to give them our seal of approval.

Go Digital
Derby based printing firm that always delivers on price and quality, we wouldn’t use anyone else.

Sure Lets
A comprehensive service from a team that are proactive instead of reactive, Sure Lets of Derby garner plenty of positive feedback in the Derbyshire letting arena.

St. Peter’s Quarter – Business Improvement District
Part of the movement to improve the St. Peter’s Quarter, Nicky’s Fish Bar and Restaurant help fund, promote and work with the Derby City Council’s initiative.
St. Peter’s Quarter – BID Website
Our new listing in Yellow Pages’ online directory to reflect the new classification of our restaurant and our new focus on traditional fish and chips and local specials here at Nicky’s Fish Bar & Restaurant.

Derby Evening Telegraph
Over the years Derby’s main newspaper publication has written several articles and editorials about us here at Nicky’s Fish Nar & Restaurant, below is the link to our latest.
Derby Evening Telegraph

UKV Nails
Our new next door neighbour, UKV Nails are open 09:30-06:00 Monday to Saturday and 11:00-4:00 on Sunday, Derby’s new best friend for all the party goers who fancy getting their nails done! Located at 22 Osmaston Road, Derby DE1 2HR, they’re opposite the Westfield’s main entrance and next door to us here at Nicky’s Fish Bar & Restaurant.
Tel: 07429116247


Seniors Discounts
Informing our customers of the older persuasion of what their entitled to, another reminder of offers available at Nicky’s Fish Bar and Restaurant.